These things are a bit weird where you write about yourself. What should I say to look cool? Should I mention how much I love Taylor Swift? Or how I can quote any line from The Office at the drop of a hat? No, I will stick to the professional stuff. Yeah, I like that. Like how I have been shooting weddings for 13 years (over 500 of them now), generated millions of dollars (yeah, you read that right), or that I have helped others make more money with their business. Well, that might seem arrogant. And I know the internet is full of trolls.. So maybe I won’t talk about that either. Maybe I will keep it safe and just talk about how I am a Crossfitter that isn’t afraid to tell you about it, or that I am driven by changing my family tree. Or that I have a wife of 14 years and 2 little girls that mean the world to me. Hmm.. I think I will just wait to change this text until I figure it all out. Yeah, that sounds about right.



Hi, I’m Nick. I’ve been married to my best friend and business partner Jenn for 12 years. We have two amazing kids that are hilarious and a little stubborn. We love Target, Chick-fil-a and going to the Y. I’m an enneagram 3 and pretend I know more about the enneagram than I actually do. I have loved the Kansas City Royals my entire life… so I’ve been there for the bad, really bad, really really bad, good, really good, great, and now bad again times. I dig comic books, I used to co-host a YouTube channel all about them, maybe you can find it. Pizza is the best food and PB&J is a close second. I’m a former Youth Pastor that went full time into wedding videography in 2017.